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The Eye

David Bailey once said: “I’ve been a weed in a garden of orchids!”

When you look at the landscape in an area you love and you brush your vision onto a canvas, there is a beauty in everything you see – from the weeds and to the beautiful orchids. For me, the ugliness and beauty merge into one on the canvas.

The Art



Nigel has developed his own style of painting with acrylics.  A qualified Master Photographer, Nigel works with his original photographic image and using his artistic skills, honed over many years, he blends the two forms together to create a Photacrylic™.  

Nigel creates fabulous iconic images from around Northop, Flintshire and North East Wales.

Fine Art

Fine Art

Paintings by Nigel are moody and timeless. They represent a time-shot of the 21st Century as seen through the eye of the artist.

Nigel’s paintings are available to purchase or Nigel can create a bespoke painting of your favourite scene.

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